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International Systemic Constellation Intensive “Everything in Relationship is Allowed to Heal”

with Stephan Hausner and Anjet Sekkat

The goal and content of this training workshop is to explore and experience the principles of transformation-oriented constellation work with the help of systemic constellations and transparent communication. Primarily we will practice a subtle competence that will help make visible and accessible what lies underneath. In this process we will explore deeply our perceptual boundaries in order to expand them and become a mirror that re ects the subtle expression of the movement of the clients life. We believe this creates a base for the development of healing relational spaces, whether working with systemic constellations or in any therapeutic or counseling capacity. This is for professionals who both work with people and have experience in constellation work.


Portrait02Anjet Sekkat

Life-Coach, Neuropath for Psychotherapy, Midwife and Trainer for Transparent Communication according to Thomas Huebl®. She is working with individuals, families, teams and groups. She is Co-Founder of TransParents – a platform for transformational parenting. She loves to birth the deep internal intelligence and beauty in people. http://transparents.net


Stephan Hausner

Naturopath; continuing education in Homeopathy and Osteopathy. Since 1993 working with Systemic Constellations, specializing in illness. International education and teaching in over 40 countries. Author of: “Even if it Costs me my Life”. -Systemic Constellations as a helpful solution for illness and chronic symptoms. www.stephan-hausner.de


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Date(s) - Mittwoch 6. Juli 2016 - Sonntag 10. Juli 2016

Praxis für systemische Medizin und Psychosomatik, Siegsdorf – Riedl


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